IP Beyond IT

You are in charge of the telecommunications services for your company. The phone vendor can’t get the telephone system to work on the circuit provided by the phone company. The IT consultant is having problems getting computers to talk to each other and suspects it’s the cabling while the cabling contractor claims everything is tested and certified.

Meanwhile, your company is unable to conduct business efficiently and all eyes point to you.

We Have The Expertise !

  • Ordering phone and data lines through one of over 30 carriers
  • Integrating phone lines with your current system or providing a new phone system
  • Providing certified voice and data cabling upgrades to your location
  • Coordinating data circuit integration with your IT department
  • Integration of security, video surveillance and fire systems with full access control

RTX Solutions Can Help!

By choosing us, you will work with individuals who have been in the telecommunications industry for over three decades.

We provide the classic service from the past and innovations for the future.

We provide solutions in a 24/7 world.